Selmax has years of experience helping customers transfer their production molds from other injection molders (or in house operations) to Selmax for their ongoing production needs. There are a variety of reasons tooling transfers may be needed. We have experience with both domestic and international “re-shoring” transfers. Production molds and tooling are often the single largest investment in a plastic injection molding project and Selmax can help customers maximize the return on their investment.

Each tooling transfer project is assigned a Selmax Project Manager (PM) as the customer primary point of contact. The PM works with the customer through each phase of the mold transfer process. He coordinates all the necessary activities with Selmax Logistics, Tooling Technicians/Machinist, Process Technicians, and Quality Assurance to ensure a smooth tooling transfer and an uninterrupted supply chain.

The basic steps in the tooling transfer process includes:

  • Pre-transfer assessment – to collect all available information/documentation on the tooling, materials and processing to ensure a match with Selmax capabilities. This includes budgetary cost and schedule estimates.
  • Tooling receipt, inspection and assessment – to evaluate any maintenance or repairs needed on molds and associated gauges, fixtures, or post-processing equipment.
  • Part Qualification – to produce sample parts for comparison to customer provided “golden samples” and provide parts for customer approval to validate the parts produced at Selmax satisfy customer requirements.
  • Production – Upon customer approval of the samples parts, begin production runs with Selmax.

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