Coloring Plastics

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Did you ever wonder how plastic parts get their color? At Selmax Corporation, we specialize in precise color matches to ensure that all parts produced are the right color. We work with some of the most experienced colorant suppliers in the country to achieve the best results every time. The Color Matching Process To pinpoint […]

What Does a Plastic Injection Mold Cost?

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How much does a plastic injection mold cost? This is one of the most common questions we get, but the answer can be complicated. It’s like asking how much a cell phone costs. Do you want a simple flip phone that only makes and receives calls? Or do you want the latest smartphone that allows […]

Why is ISO Certification Important?

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ISO standards promote a commitment to quality, improved processes, safety, and reduced waste. There’s no denying that quality, efficiency, and consistency are vital in a plastic injection molding project. When quality standards or processes are lacking, material is wasted, product quality diminishes, and costs rise. Because quality control standards and processes are important for each […]

4 Steps for a Smooth Mold Transfer

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4 Steps for a Smooth Mold Transfer A guide to a seamless plastic injection mold transfer. Many factors drive the decision to move forward with a mold transfer from one injection molder to another. It might be increasing costs, inconsistent quality, missed deadlines, or even a re-shoring effort for molds being run internationally. Perhaps there’s […]

Things to Consider Before Injection Molding

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Injection molding is a great option for manufacturing high-quality plastic parts of different shapes, sizes, and colors. It is efficient and cost-effective, making it the most popular option in most cases. This is especially true when there are high volumes of parts to produce. Being prepared before you reach out to an injection molder will […]