Mold Tooling Transfer 101: Identifying Risks & Opportunities

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Mold Tooling Transfer 101: Identifying Risks and Opportunities From the information-gathering stage through the process of setting up at a new molder, your current molds, processes, and products will be dissected and closely examined. Following these steps in of the mold tooling transfer process can often reveal potential risks in a plastic injection molding project […]

Mold Tooling Transfer 101: Defining Mold Testing Success

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  After a mold has been transferred to a new molder, has gone through cleaning and inspection, any tooling issues resolved, and is ready to start running the first samples, it is important to define success for mold testing and sampling. Defining Objective Criteria The easy part is to define success with things that can […]

Mold Tooling Transfer 101: Showing Your Tools Some TLC

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  Mold maintenance is often brought to center stage during the plastic injection mold transfer process. By the time a company makes the decision to transfer to a new molder, they’ve probably already put some ‘miles’ on the mold.  Depending upon the degree of wear and tear, the maintenance or modifications required to get the […]

Mold Tooling Transfer 101: Planning Your Inventory


An important part of the mold tooling transfer process is planning to produce enough inventory to ensure there are no supply chain interruptions as you move your mold(s) from one molder to another.  Six Weeks (Or More) In Inventory A good rule of thumb is to be sure to have six weeks of safety stock […]

Mold Tooling Transfer 101: Developing a Schedule

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  Developing a schedule is the next step in the mold transfer process. At this stage, you have already defined the problem, found the right molder, and gathered all the important facts and data.  Based on the data gathered from the current molder, you can now begin to work with your new molder to develop […]

Mold Tooling Transfer 101: Gathering Facts & Data


You’ve found the ideal plastic injection molder for your tooling transfer(s). Now it’s time to start gathering information. This stage is important and should be handled carefully and tactically.  Identify Key Players At this stage, it’s important to identify the key players in the mold transfer process. They are:  Project manager. This person is responsible […]

Mold Tooling Transfer 101: Finding the Right Molder


After you’ve identified the problems and risks with your current supplier and decided you want to initiate a mold tooling transfer, it’s time to begin the search for a plastic injection molder that better aligns with your needs. Depending on your goals, some things may hold higher priority for you than others.  Here are some […]

Mold Tooling Transfer 101: Defining the Problem


Mold Tooling Transfer 101: Defining the Problem With the events of 2020 exposing cracks and weaknesses in many supply chains, many companies are conducting mold tooling transfers to mitigate risk. If you have wondered if it’s time to transfer to a new supplier, maybe some of the following statements apply to you: I may need […]

5 Benefits of Working with a Full-Service Injection Molder

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5 Benefits of Working with a Full-Service Injection Molder  If you’re looking to produce a new plastic part, you might think you need to find one vendor for each phase of the project. However, choosing a full-service plastic injection molder that can do everything under one roof has many benefits.   In-House Expertise A full-service manufacturer […]