5 Benefits of Working with a Full-Service Injection Molder 

Benefits of working with a full-service plastic injection molder

If you’re looking to produce a new plastic part, you might think you need to find one vendor for each phase of the project. However, choosing a full-service plastic injection molder that can do everything under one roof has many benefits.  

In-House Expertise

A full-service manufacturer has access to specialists that can assist with everything from design to production troubleshooting. These specialists are dedicated to their craft and can provide highly-focused solutions. This means you’ll be working with a team experienced with handling various design and production situations with clients across many industries.

Time Savings

Time management is an important part of every project. Much time can be wasted when you use several different suppliers to bring together your project. When it’s all under one roof, the project moves seamlessly from one step to the next. 

Hiring a full-service plastic injection molder can also help your team allocate enough time to their primary functions. Having everything you’ll need from idea to production and delivery in one place will help you meet deadlines and keep your project on track. 

Consistent Quality

When you have several “irons in the fire,” sometimes it’s hard to communicate exactly what you want to achieve through each stage of the project. A full-service molder can ensure that the design is manufacturable and that the final part is consistently within all visual and functional parameters needed. 

Long-Term Strategic Partnership

Full-service manufacturers provide more than just mass manufacturing capabilities. They strive to gain a better understanding of your products, your company, strategies, and preferences. Where single-service suppliers offer a transactional experience, full-service manufacturers are problem solvers dedicated to helping your project succeed over time. 


Having everything in one place is convenient, eliminates paperwork and recordkeeping requirements. This is especially important if you run into production issues in the future. Your full-service plastic injection molder will be able to easily access your original design files, collaborate with their expert team, and solve the problem quickly without waiting days or weeks for another supplier to send files or consult on design issues. 

Selmax Corporation is a Full-Service Plastic Injection Molder 

Selmax offers services through all stages of product development including: Design, Rapid Prototyping / 3D Printing , Mold Development, Production, Assembly and Distribution. 


Selmax takes great pride in meeting the most stringent design, material, color, and delivery requirements for our customers and providing solutions through each stage of the product development process. We have been serving customers in the construction, home consumer product, industrial/tool, outdoor sports, and toy markets since 1971. 


If you’re ready to bring a new product to market, call us at 1-800-860-3205 or request a quote

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